Sunday, August 24, 2008


I had a ball this morning! I attended a Beginner Cyclocross Clinic this morning in Conyers. It was fun, hard, and painful! First we learned how to mount while moving, then dismount while moving, then how to pick up the bike a couple of ways to carry over the hurdles, then how to put the bike on your shoulder to run up the hill. All of these new skills have left various parts of my body sore and or bruised, but it was well worth it!

I learned some great skills that I'm sure will help me with my cycling in general, but I realized that I don't have the time or money to take on an additional sport at this time. I thought I might be able to get by with my mountain bike stuff for a while, but it's really a whole different sport, so I would need a lot of new gear (including a bike).

It was great to meet other people that think cyclocross would be fun (women in particular - 4 were from Sorella Cycling - 2 were teaching the clinic and the other 2 were beginners). I really don't understand, everyone I mention it to thinks I'm crazy for even thinking that it looks like fun. What doesn't sound fun about riding in the mud then jumping off your bike and carrying it over hurdles and up hills??? ;D