Friday, August 22, 2008

Got tunes?

I decided that I would be a better lap swimmer if I had tunes, so I got an iSH2-Waterproof Headset. It's a waterproof headset designed specifically to work with the iPod Shuffle. It came in the mail yesterday, so I took it to the pool this morning to test it out and had an amazing swim thanks to my new toy!

It's perfect ~ you know how hard it is to do any kind of exercise without music and swimming laps is even harder - well, it's harder for me because I'm not a very good swimmer and it's really boring. I already had my iPod shuffle loaded with running songs, so I just put it in the little compartment and was ready to go!

This might seem like a silly purchase, but I have to swim more laps and get better/faster before the next triathlon (June 2009). ;D