Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Monogram Wizard Plus PRICE REDUCTION!

We've reduced our prices on all of our MWP CDs!!
  • Monogram Wizard Plus MSRP $350.00
    was $249.00 is now $199.00
    $179.10 for repeat customers]

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  • Extended Features MSRP $99.95
    was $79.99 is now $70.00
    $63.00 for repeat customers]

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  • MWP Bundle 1 [includes MWP and Extended Features] MSRP $449.95
    was $279.00 is now $260.00
    $234.00 for repeat customers]

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MWP Gift Cards can SAVE you $$ all year long, not just during Needlehead's sales

We offer
Needleheads Gift Cards at a discount - a $25.00 card for $19.99 [$17.99 for repeat customers].
Plus BULK pricing!! Just add what you want to your cart, then view your cart to see the final cost.
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Just to clarify...
You will use the MWP Gift Cards @ Needleheads.com to buy additional Alphabets & Motifs for your Monogram Wizard Plus software - or you can purchase anything from their website, like AlphaBaker or HiRes.
E-mail with any questions

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~ ~ Bulk Discount Pricing is Automatic ~ ~
Buy 4 - 5 and pay only $5.50 each
Buy 6 - 7 and pay only $5.20 each
Buy 8 - 9 and pay only $5.00 each
Buy 10 - 20 and pay only $4.90 each