Thursday, August 13, 2009

AKD Font Catalog 2009

I just finished the AKDesigns Font Catalog! This is the first catalog that I've put together for my embroidery fonts, so it was very much needed. I've had a lot of requests for it from my customers ~ they need it to help keep track of the sets they have and the sets they need {or want}. At the back of the catalog is a list of font sets that I'm in the process of making and will be releasing soon, so keep an eye out!

Next, is the AKDesigns Frame Catalog, then the AKDesigns Design Catalog. I think I may even do one just for Applique Designs - we'll see.

Here's a link to download ~ AKDesigns Font Catalog

I would love to know what you think ~ leave a comment if you have a minute :)