Thursday, February 18, 2010

feeling pampered...

I'm beginning to think that I'll do anything to postpone working on my Federal Taxes! This is my second personal post in as many days :0)

I color my own hair [most of the time] and today was the day to do it because my gray was peeking through. Normally, while the color sets, I straighten and clean the bathroom, but not today. Today, I pampered myself. First, I applied my deep pore cleaning mud mask to my face and neck. Then, while that dried, I soaked my hands in the sink in warm water & olive oil. This has been an unusually rough winter for me ~ I have dry skin [always have] and I've never been very good at applying moisturizer as much as I should, but I've just totally neglected my skin and especially my hands this winter. If you were to just see my hands, you would guess that I'm 70 or 80 - no joke! They have just been dry and brittle all winter. I'm sure it doesn't help that I've spent so much time outside with the puppy, but that's no excuse. After the olive oil soak, they feel so much better. I just feel so much better and more relaxed and ready to take on all the tasks that are still ahead of me for the day.

Oh, I almost forgot one of the most exciting parts ~ I used 2 new hair-colors and a whole new hair color style, so I can't wait until my hair is dry to see how it turned out! I used Loreal's 4M Dark Mahogany Brown [part of their new decadent chocolate collection] for the whole bottom half of my head and Loreal's 7LA Lightest Auburn for the top half of my head. Since it's still wet, you can't even tell that I used 2 totally different colors :( If it turns out, I'll try to get a picture posted.

Try to find some time to pamper yourself today :)