Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Authorized Reseller for Monogram Wizard Plus

AKDesigns Boutique is now an authorized reseller for Monogram Wizard Plus!

CLICK HERE to see all of the Monogram Wizard Plus products on our website! Plus, all links are PINK below to easily find the specific product that you need.

This is very exciting for a couple of reasons ~ 1) They have just added a very cool "Extended Features Pack" that allows you to use my designs in Monogram Wizard Plus [yeah - it's no longer a stand alone program!!], and 2) many of you already use and love Monogram Wizard Plus, so I can offer you the Extended Features Pack and the Alpha Paks at a discounted price!

Below is a list of products that includes a link to read a little more about each product and my discounted price.
  • Monogram Wizard Plus - $249.00
    Monogram Wizard Plus includes some of the classic monogram fonts that are sometimes hard to find. Here's a link to all the fonts/monograms included in MWPlus
    • Features Include:
      • Click & Drag - gives the user the ability to click the screen and
        "drag" their design elements to a desired location.
      • Flip Horizontal - this feature allows the user to horizontally
        flip any motif or character, in order to achieve all new results.
      • Flip Vertical - this feature allows the users to vertically flip
        all characters and motifs.
      • Rotate - all new rotate feature allows you to rotate all existing
        motifs and alphabets, to create a whole new look.
      • Color Sort - the color sort feature offers the user the option to choose how
        letters consisting of 2 or more colors will sew, making sewing the designs an even
        easier process.
      • Import - this feature will allow users to import external Embroidery (DST, EXP, SEW, JEF, PES) files, giving them the ability to use designs not included in the Monogram Wizard Plus.
  • Alpha Paks [each Pak sold separately] - CLICK HERE to see them all - $39.99
Bundle Package Specials

  • Monogram Wizard Plus
  • Extended Features Pack
Package #2 - $279.00
  • Monogram Wizard Plus
  • 2 Alpha Paks
Package #3 - $329.99
  • Monogram Wizard Plus
  • Extended Features Pack
  • 2 Alpha Paks
Package #4 - $145.00 [for those that already have Monogram Wizard Plus]
  • Extended Features Pack
  • 2 Alpha Paks

Have fun shopping!