Thursday, June 25, 2009

New #392 Circle Cow Frame Set

The Zebra print, Giraffe print and Applique Circle frame sets are so popular and the gals that got them are requesting additional prints! So, I've finished the Cow print Frames and will be working on the Cheetah print frames next! This set includes 3 sizes in a 3 color design.

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This frame will look good on so many things - beach towels, bath towels, linen towels, totes, backpacks, cosmetic bags, bibs, stitch it on the kiwi paper & pop in the coffee mugs ~ use your imagination!

#392 Circle Cow Print Frame Set
~Small ~ 3.8" high ~ 14,283 stitches
~Medium ~ 4.9" high ~ 21,116 stitches
~Large ~ 6.8" high ~ 36,541 stitches
Note: There are NO Fonts in this set. The pictures below are just examples of how you can use these frames with our fonts.Above is the medium frame with our #122 Lara Script Font [the letters were made slightly smaller to fit in the frame].
Below is the large frame with our #169 Western Font.

Below is the small frame with our #69 Western Font [the letter was made 20% larger to fit in the frame].

Have fun shopping!