Monday, April 6, 2009

New Circle Giraffe Font Frame...

I've just completed the #390 Circle Giraffe Font frame set and listed them on my website. They're so cute! If you love the new Zebra frames, you'll have to have this set too ;D These will look adorable stitched on totes, bath towels, beach towels ~ really just about anything!

#390 Circle Giraffe Font Frames [no fonts included]This file contains 3 designs [3 colors]: ~ Small – 3.82" x 3.82"

~ Medium – 4.9" x 4.9"
~ Large – 6.83" x 6.83"

Note: This set does not include any fonts - fonts shown in pictures are only examples of how the frames can be used. Our #92 Fun Font was used in the small frame to spell Olivia and our #148 CurlyQue Font was used in the small frame for the "A".

Have fun stitching!