Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Applique Lowercase Letters...

I've just completed the #91 Lowercase Letters Applique set and listed them on my website. They're so cute!

#91 Lowercase Letters Applique set
This file contains 26 designs:
~ 26 lowercase letters – all are 3.8" high except a few that are 3.8" wide [m, n, and w]
~ For 4x4 hoops
~ NOT intended to spell names - letters are sized individually to fit in a 4x4 hoop [see picture below for more details]

~ No holes to cut out - instead there's a dense satin fill so you can use thread to match what you're stitching on. For instance, if you're stitching on a while sweatshirt, you can use white thread so it looks like there is a hole.

Have fun stitching!