Monday, February 29, 2016

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It's getting closer & closer!! The Everything Embroidery Market
April 22nd & 23rd 2016
Downtown Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN

Who's coming?
Really, who's coming :) Please e-mail me @ so that I can keep in touch with you closer to the market and make sure that we have a chance to meet!!

What topics do you want to see covered in my classes?
E-mail me your ideas -

What do you want to see in my booth?
E-mail me your ideas -

Class Information
Class #1 - Getting to Know & Selecting Embroidery Software [Monogram Wizard Plus, Embird, SewWhat-Pro, SewArt & SewWrite]
~ Types of Embroidery Software
~ Features of Monogram Wizard Plus, Embird, SewWhat-Pro, SewArt & SewWrite
~ Combinations of programs that work well together and make sense for you - whether you only embroider for yourself or you have an embroidery business

Class #2 - Intermediate to Advanced Embroidery Software Techniques [SewWhat-Pro, Monogram Wizard Plus & Extended Features for MWP]
Monogram Wizard Plus & Extended Features
~ Spacing Adjustments [between letters, words and lines]
~ Density & Boldness Adjustments
~ Save Preferred Settings as a Style
~ Merge/Combine Imported Letters for Names/Monograms
~ Merge/Combine Letters for names/monograms
~ Splitting Large Designs for Multiple Hoops
~ Density & Boldness Adjustments
~ Applique Cutout Tool

Links to EEM Information

~ Link to Register - click here
~ Link for Classes that are included in the Registration Fee - click here
~ Link to Vendors [more are signing up all the time] - click here
~ Link to About EEM - click here

Don't forget to send me some pictures! I'd love to add YOUR pictures of my designs, monograms, fonts or appliques to my Photo Gallery page!

Just e-mail your pics here -
To make it easy, please include the following in your e-mail:

~ Name & # of Set used [example: #1364 Entwined Monogram]
~ The name you want added for "Stitched by" [example: Stitched by Angie D.]
~ Your company or boutique name [if applicable]
~ Your company or boutique web address/FB page/IG, etc. [1 link please]

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