Friday, May 8, 2015

Needleheads Sale ENDS Sunday!!

Gift Card for Monogram Wizard Plus Alphabets and Motifs at
Don't forget the SALE at Ends Sunday!!
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Save big during the Needleheads storewide sale!
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Needleheads Gift Cards at an even bigger discount than we used to!! $25.00 card for $16.50 [$14.85 if you're a repeat customer].
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Needleheads Storewide Sale:
  • $10 off a $35 purchase or more
  • $25 off a $60 purchase or more
  • $50 off a $100 purchase or more
Their Sale Ends 5/10/2015 @ midnight EST

Just to clarify...
You will use the
MWP Gift Cards @ to buy additional Alphabets & Motifs for your Monogram Wizard Plus software - or you can purchase anything from their website, like AlphaBaker or HiRes.
E-mail with any questions

By now, you've probably seen the new "look" for the website!

~ What do you think so far? I'm still making tweaks to make it easier to navigate and find what you need, so just e-mail me or call me if you have any suggestions :)
~ I've made a ton of Category structure changes! Have you noticed that you can now find a font or monogram by size?? The size listed is based on Height, not Width. Also, just keep in mind that if you click on a particular size, every font or monogram listed in that category isn't exactly that size - make sure to read the product description to know exactly what you're getting.
~ I appreciate all the feedback I've received so far - it's all been VERY helpful!! Thank You!!.

If you haven't seen it yet, I would LOVE it [and really appreciate it!!] if you could take a minute to look around and give me ANY feedback at all! Just e-mail me at [THANK YOU in advance!].
- changes you see that need to be made
- things you love
- things you can't find
- things you don't like
- anything you think might help you and someone else navigate the website more easily
- try it on your computer, your phone, your iPad, all the different browsers

Just a reminder that we've reduced our prices on all of our MWP CDs!!
  • Monogram Wizard Plus MSRP $350.00
    was $249.00 is now
    [$179.10 for repeat customers]

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