Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NEW Vilene Backing and 50% Off SALE on ALL Embroidery Designs!!

Vilene Wet N Gone or Aqua Magic ROLL - 11.5 inch x 10 yards
NEW! Vilene [also called "Wet N Gone" or "Aqua Magic"] ROLL - 11.5 inch x 10 yards
* 11.5 inch x 10 yard roll
* Water dissolvable backing / stabilizer
* Strength of a cutaway, but washes away in seconds when submerged in warm water
* Not a Film - looks and feels like fabric
* Same as OESD AquaMesh, Aqua Magic, Wet n Gone®, Sulky Fabri Solvy, and others [Floriani® Wet n Gone® are registered trademarks of RNK LLC.]

50% Off ALL Embroidery Designs
Sale has been extended :)

Discount applies to all Machine Embroidery Design Sets
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