Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Weeks to go! Fundraising for 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk

5 Weeks to go!

Thank you so much for all of your generous donations!

My Fundraising:
  • I still need to raise $1,045.00
  • Deadline #1 – Sept 30 – Please make your donation by this date :)
  • Deadline #2 – November 10 – absolute last day to collect donations
  • Remember - all donations are considered a charitable tax deduction

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3-Day Walk Info:
  • Susan G Komen 3-Day for the Cure
  • Oct 21, 22 and 23
  • 20 miles each day, for a total of 60 miles
Why I’m Walking:
I'm walking because everyone deserves a lifetime. I'm walking because I can. I'm walking in memory of my Grandma's, Dora and Beulah, my aunt Jennifer and Randi Passoff. My grandma Dora wasn't able to beat breast cancer and we lost her when I was in grade school. We lost my grandma Beulah and my aunt Jennifer to lung cancer. I miss them so much and wish they didn't have to go through what they did so early in life. Because of cancer they've all missed out on so many memories with our family that they would have enjoyed so much. I'm also walking for Randi Passoff, founder of the Atlanta 2 Day Walk for Breast Cancer. I was lucky enough to meet her when I did the Atlanta 2-Day a couple of years ago while she was in remission, and she was so inspiring and courageous. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to beat breast cancer either and she passed away last fall.

My Training:
This week is a 33 mile week, so we’ll be walking 5 miles on Wednesday, resting on Thursday, walking 16 miles on Friday, walking 12 miles on Saturday and playing tennis on Sunday for cross training.

Thank you for your concern and support in my continuing journey.

Hugs & Happy Stitching

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