Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thread Storage Tip

I'm not sure if you have had the same problem with thread storage that I've had, but I have a solution! Well, I didn't come up with it, I read about it somewhere at some point and am just now implementing it :D

I've always used the "June Tailor" thread stands
(you get them at Walmart, Jo-Ann's, etc.) for my small cones, but my Isacord thread falls off with the slightest movement. I think I told you that my in-laws were just in town, well I was stitching out a few things for them and my sister-in-law would help with color choices and get so frustrated because every time she picked up 1 thread 3 or 4 would fall to the ground! I've trained myself to be very gentle and pick them up just so (and thread still falls, just not as much). Anyway, that's when I knew it was time to make myself stop and fix the problem! Next time my sister-in-law's in town she will really appreciate it!

Most of you are probably like me, you have use variety of thread manufactures (or have at least bought several kinds). Personally, I prefer Madeira ( and have an account with them, so the cost is very reasonable. My second favorite is Isacord, a little more expensive, but I love the quality and the colors. The thread stands work fine for the Madeira thread, but the Isacord cones just don't want to stay. So, if you have the same problem I hope this helps!

I've listed the steps below and pictures at the bottom.

1. Buy some staws (I used the generic Kroger brand flexible straws, but just about any will work). I did buy some at Walmart a while back, but they were too skinny so they wouldn't go down over the pegs. The closer they are to the size of the peg the more stable they will be.
2. Put 1 straw on a peg, then put your cone on the straw. Mark about 1/4" above the top of the cone with a marker. Use this straw as your template to cut all the other straws.
3. Determine about how many pegs you want to put straws on. I have quite a mix of Madeira and Isacord thread, so I put them on every other peg. Another thing to consider is that the Isacord cones are pretty wide at the bottom, so it's better to stagger them every other peg if you can. Then, I also stagger them by row too (see the pic below).
4. Cut your straws
5. Dip the straw about a third of the way into the decoupage (I used Mod Podge - see pic below). Then tap a few times to get the excess off. You will have the decoupage on the inside and outside of the straw.
6. Place on peg.
7. Once it sits for a minute you want to make sure that the decoupage isn't dripping, if it is just wipe it with a paper towel. You do want some to settle around the bottom because this is what will make it really stable.
8. Let dry overnight and put your thread back up!

Hope this helps!